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Luke Lombardo, Gauntlet Gallery


Wearable Sculptural Ring
5.10 troy oz. Hand Cast Ancient Bronze
2" x 2" x 2" (with display: 8" x 5" x 5")
2016, Unique

"Cowering" is a 1 fingered wearable sculpture (in the form of a ring / art jewelry / knuckleduster) depicting the change in men's understanding (or fear) of women once they become large and powerful. For millennia men have dominated politics, industry, business, and oppressed women at the same time, but a tide is changing within our global society as feminism and women rising to power is changing our worldwide political landscape. Will men cower and buckle? The band is made up of excerpts from the Equal Rights Amendment, indicating that the United States constitution currently has no laws or amendments in effect that can guarantee equal rights for women. Thankfully, that will change soon, and how men will react to it will be interesting to watch. "Cowering" is ultimately about the rise of empowered, educated women who fight for equal rights and the men that aren't ready for that type of change/shift in power yet.

Intended to be worn as well as displayed as a sculpture, the piece comes with Sculpturing, Hand Blown Glass Cloche Dome, Black Engraved Base with Armature, Travel Pouch, and Signed, Numbered, Dated, Fingerprinted Documentation for Provenance.

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