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Online Interviews


Superchief Gallery NFT and Their Future in the Clouds, NFTsWTF, with Ed Zipco of Superchief Gallery, NYC

Superchief Gallery NFT and Avoiding the Best Buy Showroom Aesthetic, NFTsWTF, with Ed Zipco of Superchief Gallery, NYC

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Select Internet Links

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Film, TV & Radio


Living With Will Podcast, Guest Interview on NFTs, Holograms, and the NFT Community, Host: Will Gaines (forthcoming)

Monorail Tales Podcast, Episode: Rebecca Rose, Host: Sheila & Steve Sanders, April 2021


With a Side of Chaos, Episode: Why Your Vote Matters, Host: Patricio Solano, November 2020

Dub Ya Mind Podcast, Episode 32: Rebecca Rose Sculpturings, Host: Jeff Wilfong, April 2020

Table Talk Podcast, Episode 25: Through the Ink & Paint with Thom Solo and Rebecca Rose, Hosts: Michael Quinn, Patricio Solano, Tanner Kaiser, March 2020


Yo-Yo Ma - Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude, Yo-Yo Ma, c/o Sony Music Entertainment., January 2019


Live Stream Disney's Candlelight Processional with Neil Patrick Harris, Disney Parks Blog, c/o The Walt Disney Co., Orlando, Dec 2018

(Exclusive) Disney's Candlelight Processional 60th Diamond Anniversary, WESH 2 News, c/o The Walt Disney Co., Orlando, Dec 2018


(Exclusive) Inside Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney World, Good Morning America, ABC/The Walt Disney Co., Disney's Animal Kingdom Yellow Shoes

Commercial: Pandora, The Disney Channel/Disney Jr., The Walt Disney Co./Yellow Shoes


The Arts Page #425: Design Focused, PBS / MPTV, Milwaukee, April 2016

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Arts InSight: Rebecca Rose, PBS / Houston Public Media, January 2016


ONRS Ep: #209 Sculpture Rings and Silly Things, Oh No Radio Show, Host: Owen Butler, September 2015

Wes Anderson Art Show, SinoVision English Channel, September 2015

Wes Anderson Art Show, USA Today, August 2015

Wes Anderson Art Show, Spoke Art Gallery, (forthcoming) August 2015

First Rapids: Disney's Animal Kingdom, The Disney Channel, The Walt Disney Co./Yellow Shoes


PBS Artisodes: Rebecca Rose, PBS / WUCF, Tricia Connolly, August 2014

Halstead Jewelry Minute: Rebecca Rose, Halstead Bead Co., Hilary Halstead Scott, May 2014

Bay News 9: Vintage Goes Modern- Vintage Nouveau, Alison Walker, Feb 2014


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“iVillage Live”, NBC/Universal, Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL


“Breakfast Television”, Toronto, Canadian Correspondent: Jennifer Valentyne, Everest Grand Opening, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando, FL

Rebecca Rose Art Attacks Film Shoot Sculpture Rings Sculpturings Sculptural Studio



Select Noteworthy Collectors & Public Figure Interest

Colborn Bell, Curator & Founder, MOCA, The Museum of Crypto Art

Janice Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin Family Foundation

Louisiana State University, English Department, Classical Literature

Hilary Halstead, Owner, The Halstead Bead Co

Russell Brand, Comedian/Actor, "The Messiah Complex"

Kirsten Anderson, Founder of the New Contemporary Movement & Gallerist, Roq La Rue Gallery

B. Akerlund, Celebrity Stylist

Slash, Bassist, Guns n' Roses

Bruce Hall, Bassist, Reo Speedwagon

Ricki Lake, Talk Show Host, “The Ricki Lake Show”

Mar Yvette, Reporter, “Good Day LA”, Fox 11 News Los Angeles

Annie Preece, Street Artist, "Street Art Throwdown", Oxygen Network

Nathan Cartwright, Founder/Director, The Hive Gallery and Studios

Matthew Eck, Founder/Director, SELECT Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach

Kat Von D, Actress/Tattoo Artist, “L.A. Ink”, TLC Network

Andrew Lincoln, Actor, “The Walking Dead”, AMC Network, c/o Worton Rentals

Kevin Williamson, Producer, “The Vampire Diaries”, CW Network, c/o Worton Rentals

Carlos Cassanova, Fashion Designer, “Project Runway 8”, “Project Runway All Stars 2”, Bravo Network

Todd Lattimore, Actor, Broadway Revival of “La Cage Aux Folles”, NYC

Andy Lincoln Loves His Rebecca Rose Sculpturing Ring!

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Lincoln, "The Walking Dead"