• Image of Amok Time
  • Image of Amok Time
  • Image of Amok Time

“Amok Time"
Rebecca Rose
NFT Hologram

Dimensions: 2160 x 2160
Duration: 0:24

Available through KnownOrigin

“Amok Time” brings viewers into a hypnotic trance through excessive media consumption which acts as a harness to its addictive qualities. A century long transformation from movies, to television, to digital content, the formula is the same: make consumption easy, ongoing, and passive causing us to act illogically trapped in front of screens while nature and our own individual silliness is something we witness from afar but not experience personally. This NFT is the quad split holographic format video NFT from the fifth piece in my "Mid Century Manifesto" hologram collection.

A collection of 1/1 works, each piece in “Mid Century Manifesto” is either a quad split holographic video NFT which becomes a hologram in a physical space, a single video to be viewed as a motion NFT work, or a single still NFT image of the collaged work. The collector has the choice to collect the piece in different NFT formats as they wish.

This NFT is produced in a quad split holographic video format transforming NFTs into works that lift off the viewer's screen to enter a physical space as sculptural holograms. The pieces are collaged, reversed, and digitally reworked in a holographic video format to lift the NFT off the viewer's screen when paired with a holographic pyramid. A small Spectre holographic pyramid will be sent to the primary collector to view the hologram at home on their phone. The work is signed, dated, and numbered in reverse to correctly read as a hologram at the end of the presentation. It’s also accompanied by additional signed certification on the ethereum blockchain through Verisart.

Copyright (c) 2021 Rebecca Rose Sculpturings.

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