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5.45 troy oz.
.925 Cast Sterling Silver
2.5" x 2" x 1.5"
Unique, 1/1

Watch the piece in:
PBS Artisodes: "Heavy Metal"

Ai Weiwei, artist, activist, visionary, and victim of censorship, is depicted with his head cut open as he lies on his back, trapped by the Great Wall and unable to leave the country, while Lilliputians watch his every move.

The Gulliver's Travels metaphor compares the People's Republic of China to a Lilliputian government, not governed according to rational principles. Ai Weiwei's enormous size (metaphorical and influential) makes him both expensive and dangerous for the government.

He lies on a piece of land in the shape of Sichuan Province, a nod to his sculpture "Map of China" and his role as activist following the Sichuan Earthquake which claimed 80,000 lives.

The band is made of sunflower seeds, each different and hand sculpted like his famous installation. Under the band is a 1 yuan piece, with the words Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo, translated to the People's Republic of China.

The year 2011 is carved into the coin symbolizing when the Chinese Government first arrested Ai Weiwei among 50 other freethinkers labeled as dissidents. His detainment, lasting 81 days, was another hostile and aggressive attempt by the Chinese government to silence and censor Ai Weiwei.

Comes with Sculpturing, Hand Blown Glass Cloche Dome, Black Engraved Base with Armature, Travel Pouch, and Signed, Numbered, Dated, Fingerprinted Documentation, and Original Framed Rendering/Sketch.

Original Framed Rendering/Sketch:
Graphite on Heavyweight Rives BFK Archival Paper
9" x 12"

Comes in a Black Wood Frame,
Wired and Ready for Hanging,
Double Matted in Cream & Black,
Signed by Rebecca Rose.
Unique, 1/1

Original Concept Sketch/Rendering for "Censoring"- Unique Sterling Silver Sculpturing.

During the concept/design phase of creating a new piece, I usually sketch it out to solidify the composition, and make sure the message is properly conveyed.