• Image of My Heart's in Amarillo
  • Image of My Heart's in Amarillo

"My Heart's in Amarillo"
Rebecca Rose
Unique Animated NFT Hologram
Edition 1 of 1

And that's where it will stay.

640 x 640 pixels, 1:56 min duration.

This work is the third in the NFT hologram series and is available through Foundation

The NFT hologram, "My Heart's in Amarillo", is derived from the artist's original painting, animated, reversed, and then digitally reworked in a holographic video format to lift the NFT off of the viewer's screen and enter the viewer's physical space when paired with a holographic prism pyramid.

Each work is signed, dated, and numbered by the artist at the end of each presentation. Provenance is embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain and is accompanied with certification through Verisart.

Copyright Rebecca Rose Sculpturings, 2021.

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