• Image of Recurring
  • Image of Recurring
  • Image of Recurring

3.60 troy oz.
Cast .925 Sterling Silver
2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"
Unique, 1/1

Watch the piece in:
PBS Artisodes: "Heavy Metal"

"Recurring" illustrates the old age warning that history repeats itself. History, as represented by the book, has bomber jets, tanks, and gun turrets operating in circles above it. In the center, a peace dove sits on the palm of a lone hand, but since the hand isn't grasping the dove, peace can fly away at a moments notice.

Comes with Sculpturing, Hand Blown Glass Cloche Dome, Black Engraved Base with Armature, Travel Pouch, and Signed, Numbered, Dated, Fingerprinted Documentation.