• Image of Soaring
  • Image of Soaring
  • Image of Soaring
  • Image of Soaring

3.75 troy oz Cast .925 Sterling Silver
2.5” x 1.5” x .75”
Unique 1/1

"Soaring" is my interpretation of the rapper Birdman. I was first intrigued by him because he's a connoisseur of large rings, but after researching his story and rise to fame, I found that very little information existed about his childhood and early life, as if it was so bad that he was compelled to soar beyond his beginnings and beyond Bryan Williams.

This thought intrigued me further and I began thinking about the millions of people who do the same, keeping their childhood and upbringing a secret, and how successful one can become by being the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Through this thought, my admiration for his ambition and success grew deeper, and his empire proves he's soared as high in the sky as his name suggests.

The symbols represented literally in the Sculpturing are two birds and stereos, with headphones creating the band. On the back of the ring, two hands folded over one another create bird wings, and the singer is shown with his trademark sunglasses, mic, and star tattoo on top of his head.

Comes with Sculpturing, Hand Blown Glass Cloche Dome, Black Engraved Base with Armature, Travel Pouch, and Signed, Numbered, Dated, Fingerprinted Documentation.

Accompanied by Original Concept Sketch/Rendering of "Soaring"
Graphite on Heavyweight Rives BFK Archival Paper.
Framed in black wood, wired and ready for hanging, double matted in cream & black, signed by Rebecca Rose.
9" x 12"
Unique, 1/1

During the concept/design phase of creating a new piece, I usually sketch it out to solidify the composition, and make sure the message is properly conveyed.