• Image of A Mi Manera
  • Image of A Mi Manera
  • Image of A Mi Manera

"A Mi Manera"
Rebecca Rose
NFT Hologram

Audio: Rebecca Rose
Dimensions: 2160 x 2160
Duration: 0:51

This work was minted through Known Origin

Hello dear collector, do you prefer to experience life on others' terms or your own? Life is short and rocky at times, where we try to forget loves of the past. So let's free ourselves of troubles and do things our way. My way includes singing in Spanish and eating ice cream for breakfast if I so chose. What is your way?

The Let’s Live Together Collection is a window into the activities of the artist's life and allows the collector to virtually live with the artist in their home as a hologram. What will we do together as your new roommate? Maybe we'll eat dinner together, or smell a flower... our possibilities with one another are endless.

A collection of 1/1 works, each self portrait is performed, then reversed and digitally reworked in a quad split holographic video transforming NFTs into works that off the viewer's screen to enter a physical space as sculptural holograms when paired with a holographic pyramid. A small Spectre holographic pyramid will be sent to the primary collector to view the hologram at home.

The work is signed, dated, and numbered in reverse to correctly read as a hologram at the end of the presentation. Provenance is embedded on the blockchain and is certified as a fine art NFT through Verisart.

Copyright (c) 2021 Rebecca Rose Sculpturings.

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