• Image of Self Portrait
  • Image of Self Portrait
  • Image of Self Portrait

"Self Portrait"
Rebecca Rose
NFT Hologram

Dimensions: 2160 x 2160
Duration: 0:31

Hello dear collector, how do I look as my first hologram?

This work was minted through Known Origin

My first self portrait explains how NFT holograms work when paired with a holographic pyramid. A taste of what my presentation will be like as a speaker during NFT NYC 2021 covering NFTs and their holographic future.

A collection of 1/1 works, each piece is in a quad split holographic video format transforming NFTs into works that lift off the viewer's screen to enter a physical space as sculptural holograms.

The Let's Live Together Collection is a window into the activities of the artist's life and allows the artist to virtually live with the collector in their home as a hologram. What will we do together as your new roommate? Maybe we'll eat dinner together, or smell a flower... our possibilities with one another are endless.

The self portraits are performed, then reversed and digitally reworked in a holographic video format to lift the NFT off the viewer's screen when paired with a holographic pyramid. A holographic pyramid will be sent to the primary collector to view the hologram at home.

The work is signed, dated, and numbered in reverse to correctly read as a hologram at the end of the presentation. Provenance is embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain and is accompanied with certification through Verisart.

Copyright Rebecca Rose Sculpturings, 2021.